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Waiting Room Concierge

Offer the best walk-in experience with the innovative Waiting Room Concierge.

This hands-off solution is sure to WOW your patients!

Attract Patients

From the web to your clinic - get your patients' attention!

Manage Expectations

Increase patient satisfaction by keeping them informed.

Reduce Interruptions

No more "When is it my turn" or "How long is the wait"!

Wait Time Display

Patient Queue Display

Patient Return Messaging

Wait Time Display

Manage patients expectations with the Wait Time Display!

  • Wait time automatically updated on your website
  • Fully integrated into your EMR/EHR - no need for manual updates!
  • Configure the look to match your brand
  • Includes when the wait time was last updated
  • Display in the language of your choice

Patient Queue Display

Give your patients peace of mind that they are on the list and are not forgotten while reducing interruptions to the front desk staff from patients asking when they will be seen.

Customize the Patient Queue Display to fit right into your clinic’s waiting room:

  • Select how you wish to display patients using first name, last name or initials and desired level of obfuscation
  • Configure the look to match your brand
  • Includes when the list was last updated
  • Display in the language of your choice

Patient Return Messaging

Set your clinic apart from other clinics and allow patients to leave while they wait!

 How it works:

  1. Patient asks if they can leave the clinic while they wait their turn
  2. The reception confirms their preferred contact method - text, email or voice.
  3. The patient receives a confirmation message and leaves the clinic.
  4. As the patients' turn approaches, they receives a notification to return to the clinic within a set amount of time for their doctor visit.
  5. The patient returns to the waiting room and sees the doctor when they are called!

“When we receive calls, or are asked how long the wait will be, we are taking the office assistants away from their important work and causing a distraction. The Wait Time Display minimizes these interruptions.”

- Martin Scullion, Managing Director at Southbank Medical Centre

"The Cliniconex team has been great to work with. They are very responsive, always kept me in the loop, and they rose to the occasion with our many technology demands."

- Nathalie Laforest, Senior Manager at uOttawa Health Services